The Brand to Demand.

Why We Do It

We believe in being protective. Our lambs deserve all the freedom we can give them, a roof if they need it, and the peace of knowing they are safe from harm. Of course this positive environment lends itself to healthy, tender and fresh meat. It’s our personal guarantee that what you sell to your clients from Beverly Creek has been cared for this way and we’re prepared to back it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our label to brand each package or plate you provide. As our lambs need to be protected, we feel our customers need to be to, that’s why we can offer the most consistent, high quality meat ever at any volume. We will protect you by providing you with a product that keeps your customers coming back every day!


We provide shelter from the elements, a clean area to grow, eat, and play. Safe from natural predators and with the freedom to eat when they want to, our animals are comfortable and stress free! They are safer to eat too, with no additives or growth hormones ruining the purity of our meat.


Our goal is healthy eating – for you and them. Our lambs eat a 100% vegetarian diet like nature intended. We add only natural minerals and vitamins like Selenium and Vitamin E for optimum disease fighting ability to our premium feed – the result? Healthy, happy lambs to make you healthy and happy too.


And you can taste the difference that our care and attention to detail makes. Consistent, tender and packed with flavour, Beverly Creek has established itself as… The Brand to Demand.