The Brand to Demand.

Culture and History

Located in Milgrove, Ontario, Beverly Creek is a small, family business owned and managed by Jon and Sharon Hardwick along with the aid of their son Trent and their two employees.

Started in 2001 as a beef cattle operation, Beverly Creek shifted their focus when a shortage of Ontario lamb in stores presented them with a unique opportunity. Their inability to find quality lamb to feed their own family, combined with Jon’s previous experience working on a sheep farm, helped to make the transition an easy decision. After researching their options they decided they would focus on raising prime lamb for the retail and restaurant markets.

Beverly Creek buys most of their lambs at local sales in Ontario as well as raising a few from birth. The farm offers plenty of space and pastures to graze in, allowing the lambs the opportunity to grow up naturally.

Beverly Creek is committed to supplying top-quality tender Ontario lamb for all your needs!

Beverly Creek has partnered with a local farmer raising Berkshire hogs to supply their customers with heritage, free-range pork.  These hogs are raised the traditional way – grazing and rooting in pastures.  As well, they have access to grain, resulting in flavorful, lean pork, just the way your great-grandparents enjoyed it!