The Brand to Demand.

Quality Product

Beverly Creek produces well-marbled, mildly flavored quality lamb that is grown fresh, right here in Millgrove, Ontario. From the get-go, lambs are properly fed, free of ailments and are given an abundance of space to grow and play freely. Our business is providing customers with a completely natural product, so no growth hormones are used! Natural vitamins and minerals are provided to help ensure lambs stay healthy and they are shorn to keep them clean and free of parasites. This level of care translates to a perfectly flavoured, tender product – great for healthy eating!

At Beverly Creek we take our quality carcasses and cut them into the specific cuts required by our customers.  We offer: legs, shoulders, loins, saddles, racks, frenched racks, shanks, ground lamb, stew meat or any custom cut you can think of!  As well, we sell sausages – made with our in-house recipe or to your specifications – summer sausage, pepperettes, kebabs and pre-seasoned variations of many cuts of lamb!  We are willing to marinate our meat in your special recipe or product, such as your signature wine!